I’m going to start this post by apologizing. I (Lelaine) mean no offense to anyone reading this blog living in Puslinch, Ontario, because up until today I’d never heard of the place!  Quick geography lesson for those like me: Puslinch is a township south of Guelph and it is where Aberfoyle Antique Market is located. This massive open-air market is, in turn, the home of a LOT of bits and bobs, ranging from the well-made and the beautiful (expensive) handcrafted antiques to the slightly nerdy, the quirky and even a bit of the macabre. There’s more information about the market and how to get there at the end of this fairly long post, but don’t worry they’re mostly photos!

Bringing my camera was the best decision ever, because I get to proudly show you a massive lineup of photos after the jump. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve inserted a few comments here and there as well. Enjoy!

They’ve got all kinds of signs! The Black Horse one was particular funny.

Need storage? They have that covered as well.

Outdoor tub anyone?

It’s a never-ending minefield of stuff.

I still remember my grandparents using irons like the ones below, but imagine using that can opener from the 1900s above.

Play things.

JEWELRY!!! Girls…need I say more???

The paper cutouts for the place cards below were exquisite.

Can you see the miniature of a church with a graveyard and a devil chasing a man.

Some vendors also sell coffins, even coffins for babies…

Do you have $1800? You can own your own skull box with an actual human skull from the 1890’s!

AND…FINALLY, an early birthday gift pour moi and an “artistic” photo of the three of us.

We planned this day trip during the summer but only got around to going yesterday. Apparently, Sunday was the right day to come because vendors who would’ve only stayed the Saturday for the market’s Fall Special Antique show decided to linger another day. They wanted to make up for lost sales due to Saturday’s dreary and wet weather. Lucky for us and them, it  was beautiful albeit a little chilly yesterday! It was great to oooh and ahh at all the wonderful stuff we saw.

If you’re planning a visit to Aberfoyle Antique Market make sure to check your GPS! There’s about three addresses that are floating around the internet for the market. I’ve listed them underneath:

57 Wellington Road 46 S, Guelph, ON
57 Brock Rd S, Guelph, ON
57 Brock Rd S, Puslinch, ON

If you can’t find it, don’t worry, it’s quite easy to make it there from Toronto. Details are on their website HERE.

Bring cash, wear comfy shoes and dress for the weather! Happy Hunting!

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  • gill

    March 7, 2016at2:21 pm Reply

    will visit the place and see what are the items. i am interested to
    buy antique – old items – history

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