Our names are Phoebe and Lelaine. We’re first and foremost friends, design nerds, travel buddies, foodies and of course, photographers. Our mutual love for Jesus and His amazing grace is what led us to meet, become great friends and eventually, start EightyFifth Street Photography!


Our passion for photography started when we picked up our first film cameras as teenagers, and then slowly edged our way into the digital world. We can sheepishly admit that we’ve shot our fair share of #FromWhereIStand photos, but we never imagined that we would be able to have a job where we can do what we love. It’s been 5 years since we became wedding photographers, but we still get butterflies before every shoot. It’s exciting, fun, beautiful and different every time.


Here are a few fun facts about us as individuals!

Toronto Wedding Photographer | EightyFifth Street Photography


Phoebe is a noodle addict, speed walker, and night owl. She enjoys DIY projects, electronic gadgets, and reads at least 50 novels a year. 90% of them are chick lit, but you can’t tell because she reads them on her Kindle. Phoebe’s the kind of girl that will plan her travels around food places and have everything detailed on an Excel spreadsheet. If you love food and travel as well, she would love to hear your recommendations! During her spare time, she can be found tending to her succulents and practicing pointed pen calligraphy.

Toronto Wedding Photographer | EightyFifth Street Photography


Lelaine has special spot in her heart for naps. She also loves watching TV shows but can’t seem to finish them. She has a laundry list of shows to catch up on! To her credit, she has watched every episode of Gilmore Girls and Law & Order. Lelaine is a die-hard Adele and Ben Howard fan and an avid concert goer. She buys an artwork or print from every city or country she visits, and can spend hours pouring over branding and packaging design. She loves the smell of coffee and new books, and is deathly afraid of birds.


We shoot in documentary style because we feel it’s the most authentic approach to catch your unguarded, celebratory and intimate moments. Your individual personalities and natural chemistry as a couple influences every frame we shoot! You give life to our photos! Our work is an important partnership; it’s you and us. We believe our job entails more than just creating beautiful photographs. Our goal is to capture moments that matter, not only the parts of the day you planned for, but also the fleeting and spontaneous moments. This is why photographs are important, they provide us access to an otherwise missed or forgotten time. We love creating visual memories that you can revisit and hold on to for years to come! 

We’re based in Mississauga, but shoot all over the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara region, as well as internationally.

We’re seasoned travellers who would go just about anywhere! So go ahead and invite us on your next great adventure!