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Hi! I’m Phoebe. ISTJ, foodie, speed walker, cat lady who is also a plant lady, and of course, a documentary-style Toronto wedding photographer.


I enjoy DIY projects, even though they don’t always work out! I’m the kind of girl that will plan her travels around food places and have everything detailed on an Excel spreadsheet. If you love food and travel as well, I would love to hear your recommendations! During my spare time, I can be found watching a series on Netflix, procrastibaking and practising pointed pen calligraphy.


Mochi & Mia are my office managers! They make sure your photos are delivered on time and that I take frequent breaks to feed them treats.


I shoot in documentary style because it’s the most authentic approach to catch your unguarded, celebratory and intimate moments. Your individual personalities and natural chemistry as a couple influences every frame I shoot! You give life to the photos! I believe my job entails more than just creating beautiful photographs. My goal is to capture moments that matter; not only the parts of the day you planned for, but also the fleeting and spontaneous moments. This is why photographs are important, they provide access to an otherwise missed or forgotten time. I love creating visual memories that you can revisit and hold on to for years to come! 

I’m based in Mississauga, but shoot all over the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara region, as well as internationally.

I’m a seasoned traveller and would go just about anywhere! So go ahead and invite me on your next great adventure!