Warm weather is here, my friends! I can’t think of a better time to come out of posting-hibernation and start sharing shoots I’ve been hoarding for YEARS! (Pretty sure all of my fellow Toronto wedding photographers identify with this problem!) This Aga Khan Museum engagement session isn’t quite that old–it’s just from last summer–but it’s a good one to get things rolling!

There’s no denying it, Aga Khan museum is one of the best minimalist portrait locations in Toronto.

When Aga Khan museum first opened, I stopped in my tracks when I saw photos of its striking exterior. The building’s clean white facade and reflection pools make the perfect backdrop for any subject to stand out! This was the first time I’ve shot here, but I really cannot wait to go back one day! Perhaps for some modern, minimalist wedding portraits?? (hint wink nudge) In case you didn’t know, Aga Khan museum is also one of the more accessible lavender photo locations around the GTA area! We totally lucked out on the timing for Ula & Tim’s Aga Khan museum engagement photos. The lavender beds were in full bloom, AND we hit golden hour right on the money! There’s a few photos where the two of them were just glowing with that warm hazy light! (A wedding photographer’s dream come true!) 

Including a pet in your engagement session is a great way to incorporate a lifestyle aspect to your photos. they are a part of your everyday life, and an important part of your family!

As a documentary wedding photographer, I take advantage of any opportunity to create candid photographs that show your interests, and who you are as a couple. So, when Ula and Tim reached out about scheduling a session with their dog, Doctor, I was more than happy to oblige! If you’re also thinking of having your pet participate in a portrait session, here’s are some important tips:

  • Bring a friend or family member to help! Ula brought her sister, and she was essential in helping us watch Doctor when he wasn’t needed for a shot.
  • Make sure the shoot location is pet-friendly
  • Bring a favourite toy or a baggie of treats help to get their attention! If it’s a hot day, it’s also a good idea to bring some water to keep them cool and hydrated.

Ula and Tim are getting married in just a few months! Be on the lookout for their wedding photos soon, can’t wait for you all to see!


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