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How long have you been in business?

As of 2020, I’ve been in business for 9 years. But I’ve been shooting for much longer!

Do you shoot destination weddings?

I’m currently only taking on destination inquiries within Canada. Please contact me with your wedding details and I will send you a customized quote.

Do you photograph anything else other than weddings?

Even though I don’t highlight it in my portfolio, I also shoot portraits (family, maternity etc.) and small events. Check out my JOURNAL to see photos from these shoots!

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I’m fully insured. All of my equipment is covered, and I also have liability insurance. A certificate can be provided for any venue/location that requires it.

Will you bring back-up equipment?

Absolutely. My second shooters and I always bring at least two camera bodies, flash units, a variety of lenses, and multiple memory cards to every wedding. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, right? Rest assured, we’ll come prepared. 🙂

Do you offer videography or photobooth services?

Unfortunately, I do neither. I like to concentrate on what I do best, which is photography! After you secure your booking, I will happily refer you to some awesome videographers or photobooth companies that I know of, or have worked with in the past. They’re all pretty awesome people, but you’re under no obligation to hire them. 🙂


How far should we book in advance?

As soon as you’ve booked a venue and settled on a date! I’ve had clients book over a year in advance. If you are having a summer wedding, inquire as soon as possible, since my availability during peak season (May – October) is limited.

Can you hold a date for me?

To be fair to all potential clients, I do not hold any dates until I’ve receive a signed contract and a 50% retainer.

What happens if another couple inquires with the same date as us?

If you inquired with me first, I will send you a quick email to let you know that I’ve received an inquiry with the same wedding date. I operate on a first come, first served basis, so the date remains available until you or the other couple submits a retainer and signed contract.

If we decide to cancel, will you return our retainer?

Retainers are non-refundable, because it is used to reserve my services for your wedding date. In the event of a cancellation, the retainer covers any losses that I would have incurred by turning potential clients away.

If I pay in cash, will you waive the tax?

I do not accept payments in cash, and I do not waive taxes for any of my clients; not even family and friends! Don’t want to get in trouble with the tax man! 🙂


Why should we do an engagement shoot?

Engagement shoots are a great way for clients to get to know me and my way of shooting. Think of it as a trial run for your wedding! I will give you tips and prompts so you’re captured in the most flattering way. I also highly recommend scheduling a makeup trial on the same day as your engagement session. It’s a great way to see how your makeup will turn out in photos!

Can you help us plan our wedding day timeline?

Gladly! I’ve had tons of experience reviewing wedding timelines, so I can definitely provide some recommendations. I also provide sample timelines to help you figure out how much time you really need! I’m more than happy to give you any suggestions that will help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible.

Should we do a first look?

First, you should consider your standpoint on seeing each other before the ceremony. If you don’t mind, then go for it! First looks are a great opportunity for memorable photos! In relation to your timeline, First Looks work well because it allows us to shoot your portraits early on (for the ladies, this is a plus because your make-up will be fresh). It will also allow you to seamlessly transition from the ceremony to the cocktails and reception. This way, you are free to mingle with your guests, instead of leaving them with 2-3 hours of lull time while you are off to shoot your wedding portraits.

Do we need a photography permit?

If you’re planning on having your portraits taken anywhere outside of your venue, then the answer is most likely yes. You will be responsible for acquiring and paying for any permits you need. Photography permits ensure that we are not interrupted or dismissed from any public or private premises when we’re shooting. The best practice is to always check with the city/venue well in advance to see if you need a permit. Popular locations book quickly and some permits are issued with time slots. Pricing for permits can range anywhere from $100-$500. For more information about permits, check out my post, 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PHOTO PERMITS

Is it okay if our family and friends take pictures as well?

Yes, of course! I totally understand that your guests are eager to capture their own photos. The only concession I ask my clients to make, is to have everyone turn off their flash and stay in their seats during the Ceremony. This is when there are a lot of moments  that we cannot redo! If one of your guests unknowingly obstructs my shot, the resulting photo may be irreparable.


If our wedding is out of town, do you charge extra for hotel accommodation?

If the location is over 2 hours drive (one-way) from Mississauga, and photography is expected to start early or will end very late, I will require reasonable overnight accommodation that will be charged at a flat rate. Generally speaking, if your wedding takes place within the GTA, I won’t need hotel accommodation. But if these extra fees apply to you, I will notify you well in advance.

Do you charge extra for mileage?

All clients have a 120km round-trip mileage allowance, and no location limit. Before your wedding day, I will map out a route from one location to the next, starting with my location in Mississauga and ending with a trip back to my place at the end of day. If the total route does not exceed 120km, you will not be charged extra. Any travel over the mileage allowance will be charged at $1.00/km.


Do you give clients RAWs or unedited photos?

I do not provide RAWs or un-edited photos. All of the photos you receive will be high-resolution, post-processed JPG files.

Will you edit all of our photos?

Yes! Every single one is post-processed and lightly retouched for minor blemishes. I do not give out unedited photos, because I consider that an unfinished product.

Will some of our photos be in black and white?

Yes, about 5 to 10% of your photos will be in black and white. Generally speaking, I create black and white photos to highlight the subject and remove any distractions. If you do not like black and white photos, please let me know before your shoot or wedding date and I will avoid making black & white edits as much as possible.

How many photos will we receive?

I generally deliver 40-60 edited photos per hour of coverage. If you have a second shooter in your package, you may receive slightly more than this amount.

Will our photos be watermarked? Can we make our own prints?

None of the photos you receive will be watermarked! You’re more than welcome to make your own prints, or use your photos for any purpose, as long as it’s non-commercial (eg. submitting to a publication, use in advertising etc.). If your vendors or venue(s) ask you to send them photos, please do not send the photos yourself. Tell them to contact me and I will handle it for you!

When will my photos be ready?

The complete collection of digital negatives should be available about 8-12 weeks after your wedding date, and about 4-6 weeks after the session date for portraits. ALL of the photos you receive will be digitally post-processed and colour corrected, so this takes a bit of time!

If I have a photobook in my package, when will I receive it?

Photobook turnover times vary, because I allow you to select the photos that go in the book after you’ve received your wedding package. You will also have the chance to request 2 revised drafts. I typically finish laying out each draft within 2-4 weeks, but the turnover largely depends on how long you take to submit your selections and revisions. After the photobook has been finalized, I send it off the print, and production time is 4-6 weeks (depending on the season) plus extra time for delivery from the states.

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