North York, Ontario

A couple of weeks back, we had the opportunity to shoot the Teo’s family portraits on the day of Lucas’ first birthday! Upon the first few minutes of meeting Lucas, there was one thing that was very obvious. This little boy is enamored with CARS. For the next few hours, most of the words we heard coming out of his mouth had something to do with a car. Naturally, a small yellow truck (one of his birthday presents) came in very handy when we wanted to get his attention. If you can’t see it in these photos, it was likely being dangled above one of our cameras!

Without further ado, here are some of the shots from our fun birthday shoot with Lucas, Emily and Daniel!

As a part of the shoot, Emily had arranged for a cake smash, in which Lucas would be given free rein to attack his birthday cake. You might not be able to tell from these photos… but Lucas did not like getting his hands messy. Needless to say, we did not get shots of cake flying everywhere, and much persuasion was used to get Lucas to touch the cake. If this is any indication of the man he will grow up to be, Lucas has got his etiquette down pat! Surely he’ll become a fine young man one day 🙂

Now watch, as this adorable coconut cream cake gets slowly destroyed…

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