ONE YEAR | edith’s baby portraits vol. 03

I only allow myself to post photos of Edie on this blog once every 6 months. That’s my rule. If I didn’t have this rule, our entire website might be inundated with photos of my adorable niece! With that said, since this is vol. 3, we are at the one year mark! (Naturally, vol. 1 was when she was born)

About a month ago, Edie turned one year old. Not one for big parties, we just had a small family gathering with all the in-laws. Much food was had, the cake was cut, and presents were opened! There was one big surprise present of the night, but more on that later…

And now… for the presents!!

What’s this?? A keyboard? And not just any keyboard… but HER MOTHER’S old keyboard from her childhood! It still works and is in its original box! Edie’s maternal grandparents have kept it all this time and it is now a treasured hand-me-down.

Edie, you might not fully understand the meaning of this right now, but you are well-loved by a lot of people! Your Goo Goo can’t wait til you start talking! Happy Birthday again, little one 🙂

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