Welcome to our Photobook Order Form & Guide Page! If you’re reading this, you probably have a photobook included in your package, or you’ve asked us about ordering one separately. This page was designed to be a comprehensive guide for you to reference during the photobook ordering process. If you’re ever unsure about what to do, please read the sections below for detailed instructions and visual references.



You should have received instructions to access your Online Gallery. Aside from being used to share photos with your family and friends, the Online Gallery is also used to select photos for your photobook. Your passwords should be noted on the Gallery invite email you received, and also on a small card inside your USB package. To begin selecting your photos, please login using your CLIENT PASSWORD in order to access all of your wedding photos.

A little heart icon appears on the Upper right corner when you hover over each photo in the gallery. This icon will allow you to add photos to a favourites list, saved under a specified email address. Please save your selections under THE BRIDE’S EMAIL ADDRESS.

Once you’ve entered the Bride’s email address, a favourites list called “Photobook Selections” will be automatically set up for you to save your selections. You may populate the list with UP TO 300 PHOTOS, and we will choose photos from the list and insert it into your Photobook. The number of photos we will be able to use depends on the photos and the layouts. We cannot guarantee that all 300 photos will be used, but we will try our best to incorporate as many as possible in an aesthetically pleasing layout.

You can access your list, after your start selecting your photos, by clicking on the heart icon on the right side of the menu bar. Select the “Photobook Selections” list when the favourites menu comes up.  Using the Add Note button, you will be able to leaves us notes/instructions for individual images. We cannot re-edit your images, but you may ask us to crop out certain part of a photo, use a select image for the cover or the first/last page of your photobook.

Once you are finished selecting your photos, open up the “Photobook Selections” list and click on the paper airplane icon, select “Send to Photographer” and the gallery will automatically generate a list of your photos and send it to us.

Please note: We can only start laying out the book after you have finished the selection process. The amount of time you take to pick photos will affect the book production time accordingly. Please send us your finalized selections as soon as possible so we can start laying out the photobook right away.






The Photobook drafts will be sent to you as PDF files. You’re allowed a maximum of 2 revisions where you may request any photo replacements or layout adjustments. Please refer to the page numbers on the bottom corners of the PDF file when making requests. When referring to specific photos for replacements, please indicate the 3 digit number at the end of the file name. On the online gallery, if you click on a photo and enlarge it, a filename will show up on the bottom. Alternatively, you may also refer to filenames on your USB key (the filenames are the same as the ones on the gallery).

Upon receiving a draft, you have 30 DAYS to approve the layout or send us a request for revisions (i.e., You have 60 days total for two drafts, if you choose to revise twice). If we do not hear from you within this time, the draft will automatically be sent to print. At that point, the photobook cannot be modified again.




Our book manufacturer typically takes 2-4 weeks to produce the Photobook after the order has been submitted. This may change depending on the season and how busy their bindery department is. The Photobook will be shipped via Canada Post or UPS Standard from Vancouver, and times will vary based on the destination. If you would like to receive your Photobook by a certain date, please take these time frames into consideration and allow at least 5 weeks for turnover.