Sam and Aron had a super simple, low-key, intimate Propeller Coffee Co wedding. They got ready together (the first photos I took were of them brushing their teeth side by side!), had no wedding party, walked down the aisle together, and we did all of their wedding portraits on streets around their neighbourhood. To add to that, by the time I arrived, they’d already signed their marriage registry and were legally married!

Their celebration was perfectly untraditional, and that was why I loved documenting it. Sam & Aron’s wedding  was all about them being surrounded by beloved family and friends. Seeing the joy on everyone’s faces made my job that much easier, and I was so honoured to have been a part of it.

Aron proposed to Sam with her mother’s original engagement ring, which they had reset afterwards. On their wedding day, Sam wore that ring, along with a family heirloom that had once belonged to her grandmother.


To avoid having to do a flip after the Ceremony, the entire space was already set up for the reception. All their guests just sat in their own seats, facing the front.

Sam & Aron’s Propeller Coffee Co wedding remains one of my favourite intimate weddings to date, and I hope these photos inspired you to have a small, joyful celebration of your own!



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