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About two weeks ago we attended an event called “Hi” Tea—a play on the word high, of course—a small women’s social gathering in which well… we drink tea! It was a potluck tea party, so we had plenty of finger foods, baked goods and other (perhaps unconventional) little treats. There was no clotted cream to be found, unfortunately, but we did play quite a few tea-related games that turned out to be very educational! (Who knew that you’re suppose to point the spout of a tea pot at the host when pouring?!) We also broke out Audrey’s eclectic collection of tea pots and cups, which all in all made it a fabulous afternoon!

(Side note: Sadly, I forgot to “Do the Downton”. But there’s always next time!!)

Strange coincidence of the day—this is one of Audrey’s eclectic tea pots. It met it’s match during our tea party… a mug that had the the exact same crazy lady design, coincidentally owned by our gracious host Ellen! What are the odds??

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