Months and months ago, Olivia expressed her interest in doing a Winter Trash the Dress shoot; she wanted to destroy her dress in SNOW. Having shot her bridal shower previously, we were completely on board with the idea. The GTA area isn’t exactly known for its beaches, so we thought it was a great idea!

Winter came along, and we set a tentative date for the shoot, not knowing what the weather would be like. I think we lucked out when unexpectedly, a snow storm hit the day before the shoot!! Here we were, literally fist-pumping because we had a massive amount of fresh, clean snow to work with. I think it’s safe to say that it was the first time that any of us celebrated because there was a snow storm!

Unintentionally, I found myself back at my old high school for part of this shoot. I still remember the elation I felt when I exited the school after finishing my last exam… I had zero intention to go back. Little did I know, the deserted school grounds and the surrounding wooded area made for an excellent photo shoot backdrop! I think we’ll keep definitely keep this location in our back-pockets for the future 😉

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